Mission and activities

The Fondation québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle has been created in 1988 by the Association du Québec pour l’intégration sociale (AQIS). Since then, the foundation has offered more than 7 000 000 $ in financial aid to hundreds of Quebec organisms working closely with intellectual deficiency.

The mission

« To gather founds in order to help organisms who work towards the integration and the improvement of the quality of life for persons suffering from intellectual deficiency ».

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The activities

The foundation has developed an expertise related to the recuperation of used goods, in particular, from clothing and second-hand articles. This kind of practise being constantly growing, selling these used articles cover the totality of the financial needs of the organism. The FQDI does not receive any other financial aid and is self-sufficient.

In this respect, we are performing a free at home collecting from our 500 000 contributors of the island of Montreal. What’s more, we actually have over 170 donation boxes, installed throughout our different business partners location. Annually, this represents close to 6000 tons of merchandise that heads toward the re-utilization road instead of being buried in our cities and municipalities. This is a contribution towards reaching the objectives of the project of metropolitan management of residual materials plan.

The totality of the accumulated merchandise is sold to the Village des valeurs store, the only organisation that can guarantee a purchase of 6000 tons gathered annually. This company assures us stable revenue that permits us to cover the entirety of the expenses produced by our gathering activities. It also permits us to continue the financial help towards organisms who work in intellectual deficiency.

The foundation employs over 65 employees. Whether it is the solicitors, the truck-drivers, the computer technicians or the customer service agents, everyone works hard to promote our cause by offering their professional expertise and their heart. To work at the FQDI, it also means believing in the well-being of persons affected by intellectual deficiency. The loyalty of our employees demonstrates it!