Make a demand

How? All you have to do is to complete the guide related to the project (regular or real estate) and then to send it to our offices in Montreal. It is important to allow a few weeks for the treatment of your demand. The financial aid committee is composed of members of the administration council as well as the communications advisor, which guarantees a constant contact with the organisms and the follow-up of the demands. The committee assembles many times throughout the year, at undetermined periods. In this respect, there is no deadline to submit a financial aid demand. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you in the weeks following the reception of the form.

How to be eligible? The foundation’s financial aid committee studies each application form in order to determine if it is compatible with the mission as well as the criteria of the foundation to allow financial aid. If your project does not meet the criteria, you will be informed quickly. You might also be asked to give complementary information. Furthermore, it is preferable to submit your demand by writing, you will then be assured that it will receive all the attention it deserves. Your demand does not need to be long and well detailed. What we recommend instead is a concise presentation.

You are an individual, can you obtain a financial aid from the foundation?The foundation grants financial aid to organizations of charity recognized by the federal government. If you are an individual, you can address your demand to the  Association du Québec pour l’intégration sociale (AQIS). This association offers a program that helps families.

What are the supported projects?Whether it is a project for a theatre play, the purchase of adapted equipment, a recreational trip, the creation of promotional tools, an open doors day, there are no constraints towards projects. However, it is important to respect the two categories, regular and real estate projects, as well as fill the appropriate form.

In this respect, if your project does not concern the purchase of a building or a house, you need to use the guide regular project.

To what point must the budget of your project be detailed?The budget must consider every expenses. Take note that no amount of money is granted for the recurring salaries or the costs of operations.

Can you submit your demand in English?The foundation accepts gladly the demands in either of the two official languages.

Can you send your demand through e-mail or fax?It is preferable to send your demand through the post.

Can an organization who has received financial aid for a project spend the surplus towards ends other than the initial project? No. The organization must return any unused surplus back to the foundation. They also have the obligation to inform the FQDI of any modification made to the accepted project.