Good color suggestions for designing a set of furniture for autistic children

Sophomores majoring in architectural decoration engineering have started the course of furniture design this semester. Now we need to find a real person, and then find the corresponding themes and elements to design a set of furniture for the autistic children. I want to design a set of bedroom furniture for autistic children that can make them more relaxed and sleep easily. I found some information on the Internet, mainly with the theme of rainbow, sky and starry sky. I don’t know how to choose the color now. Do you have any good color suggestions?

Here is my solution.

  1. Common problems of autistic children: sensory integration disorder, language disorder, communication disorder, stereotyped behavior and narrow interest. Introverted, some are easy to be impatient, relatively sensitive to changes in the environment and lack a sense of security.
  2. Knowing these problems, we don’t need to consider too much individuality and surprise in tone and structure. We mainly focus on peaceful, soft and beautiful colors with sufficient purity. Milky yellow, milky white or pine log color, which can make children calm. The material is mainly comfortable, and you can choose the feeling of comfort but difference in the feeling of touch.
  3. It can be made into a cartoon series theme, but not too messy. We need to maintain visual comfort and integrity. In short, the color can be bright, but not messy. Don’t have too many color systems. Comfort is better. Here is the donation box.

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