fundraising with stickers

We recently held a fundraising event. In order to better publicize the event, we used stickers. There are many advantages to using stickers. Other charities can also refer to our practice with this supplier.

Custom stickers can be made to order with our name and logo and the special slogans and catchphrases that help to build awareness of our charity in the community while raising much-needed funds. Stickers are an extremely cost-effective fundraising idea. These custom stickers are an inexpensive investment as far as fundraising products go. Use custom stickers as part of our thank-you for new members. A sticker is a good incentive because it’s novel, but doesn’t feel like too much. Honor our donors with a custom sticker designed in conjunction with a local artist as part of your overall thank-you package. Nonprofit stickers are a wonderful way to find balance with your donor gifts. Consider adding the personal touch to our final reports and grant updates by including a few of our organization’s custom stickers, with a handwritten thank-you note for those foundation staff who have assisted in ministering our grant. A sticker is a small yet significant token of recognition and a beacon of support. Offering a free sticker as an incentive is an easy way to encourage this. Custom stickers can be an important, low-cost tool in both raising funds and promoting the visibility of our cause in the community.If done right, stickers are a strong way to nurture donor relationships and earn recurring donations. A good sticker makes your brand portable and visible to more eyes. Stickers are the best fundraising idea for nonprofits.

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